Three new Mega Man Universe trailers reveal classic 2D gameplay, alternate Mega Men

When it wasfirst revealedin July, Mega Man Universe was said to "break the mold and challenge conventional wisdom of what a Mega Man game can be." Imagine our surprise when the first three gameplay trailers, released today on IGN, Gamespot and 1up, revealed the same classic 2D gameplay we've enjoyed for decades. The music is a rock version of the Mega Man 2 character select screen, and most of the levels are direct references to MM2 bosses, such as Clash Man, Wood Man and Metal Man. Doesn't break the mold at all, but the chance to play an HD, 2D Mega Man game is more than enough - plus we expect further details will reveal what Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune meant by his earlier statement.

Play all three at once for maximum enjoyment!

Above: Gamespot's trailer, with Bad Box Art Mega Man

Above: IGN's video (yes, with the same intro and outro)

Above: And finally 1up's video, also with the intro and outro

Too bad Capcom didn't have a fourth video to spare, because we would have loved to participate. Then again, it's not like we've writtentons of articlesabout Mega Man.

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Title screen by Yasuaki Fujita

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