Three more names for Jessica Biel's stripper movie!

Patrick Swayze’s used to visiting dive bars (of course, we’re referring to Road House here; what Patrick chooses to do with his spare time is up to him), but none of them would’ve been as brilliant as his latest hang-out (unless they also had Jessica Biel casting off her kecks in them, and somehow we doubt it).

Swayze has signed on for Powder Blue, as the owner of the aforementioned strip-joint. Joining him are Kris Kristofferson and Eddie Redmayne.

Redmayne will play a lonely mortician who falls in love with Biel’s character, and Kristofferson will portray a crime-lord.

But we don’t care about them (sorry guys, you’re ace, but Swayze’s where it’s at). Here’s hoping he can combine the might of his two greatest Jims, taking Donnie Darko’s Jim Cunningham’s sleaze and adding in Road House’s James Dalton’s twinkle-eyed charm.

We really are reading too much into this.

The three thesps join Ray Liotta and Forest Whitaker for what may well end up being the best Christmas film since Scrooged.

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