Thomas Jane is Satan

Look, friends, upon the new face of ultimate terror. No, we don’t mean the latest Paris Hilton tabloid tale. Turn your attention instead to Thomas Jane.

All right, so he’s not actually evil. But he has signed up for a new supernatural thriller titled Evilseek, which will be directed by Wayne Kramer, helmer of The Cooler (yay!) and Running Scared (um…).

The plot follows a cop so beaten down by the vile acts of a serial killer that he commits suicide. That being a mortal sin, the devil gets possession of his body. And Old Nick decides to use it for a joyride down on Earth, without realising that he’s inheriting the cop’s annoyed wife, oversexed daughter, lesbian partner and – here’s where it gets really interesting – some of his determination to track down the killer.

Thomas Jane playing Satan as a cop. We’re sold.