This stunning indie JRPG is a "love letter" to Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy

Threads of Time
(Image credit: Riyo Games)

Threads of Time is an upcoming 2.5D JPRG described as a "love letter" to genre staples including Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy.

As it's still early in development, we still don't know a whole lot about Threads of Time, but from the handful of animations released thus far, we do know it has some absolutely stunning pixel art. I mean, just look at these in-game character models:

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We also understand from reading through the game's social media feeds, specifically Twitter and Discord (opens in new tab), that Threads of Time will have turn-based combat that "heavily focuses on combos" and is "inspired by the Tech system in Chrono Trigger." Music to my ears, so far.

"It's built upon the strong foundation that Chrono Trigger laid out, with inspirations from Final Fantasy as well as our own, unique flair mixed in." Developer Riyo Games also confirmed that there won't be random encounters and that you'll be able to see and avoid your enemies. No forced grinding, hooray!

Developer Riyo Games first announced (opens in new tab) Threads of Time about a year ago on the Nintendo Switch subreddit, suggesting plans for a Switch release go back quite a ways. However, more recently the studio said it's yet to confirm which platforms are getting Threads of Time but that "we aim to be everywhere our players want us to be, from PC to consoles."

The studio also explained (opens in new tab) recently that it went quiet on updates for a while to work on adding new party members to the game and that "you can expect more updates and reveals over the coming months." Hopefully that means a trailer isn't too far off, because I can't wait to see more.

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