This streamer playing Dark Souls 3 twice at the same time might be the luckiest player ever

Dark Souls 3
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A Dark Souls 3 streamer playing the game twice at the same time became wildly lucky with their random number generation.

Streamer BioticNova is tackling not just one playthrough of Dark Souls 3, but two, right at the same time. You can see an absolutely astounding clip from the streamer just below, in which their two playthroughs perfectly sync in harmony so they're able to parry Pontiff Sulyvahn back-to-back in both playthroughs at the same time.

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It's utterly wild that two playthroughs could align like this, with the RNG of Dark Souls 3 perfectly mirroring each other to deliver of the same attacks in a row. Credit to BioticNova as well for their supreme parrying abilities in Dark Souls 3 - the entire thing is a hell of a lot harder to pull off than they're making it look here, especially against Pontiff Sulyvahn.

The streamer also reveals they actually repeated these two fights at once until the RNG aligned like this. Responding to FromSoftware fanatic Lance McDonald in the tweet below, BioticNova says they're going to pretend they didn't repeat the fight over and over again until they got this incredibly favorable result.

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Still, it's one amazing feat. If I recall correctly, Pontiff Sulyvahn's fight nearly always starts this way, with the boss unleashing the first plunging attack we can see in the clip above. After that things get a little more unpredictable though, as the boss can even duplicate itself to deal out twice the pummelling to poor players.

I just really, really hope the rest of the dual fight against Pontiff Sulyvahn went as smoothly as these opening moments for BioticNova.

If you're a hardcore Dark Souls fanatic, you'll definitely want to keep an eye on the upcoming Lords of the Fallen reboot, which continues to look way bloodier than FromSoftware's series.

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