This stacked RTX 3080 gaming laptop is back down to an excellent $1,799 sales price

Gigabyte Aorus 15P gaming laptop deal
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Newegg has offered some strong RTX 3080 gaming laptop deals over the last few months, but this $1,799 Gigabyte Aorus always topped them all. After leaving the shelves for a few weeks, however, that massive $600 saving is back - bringing the $2,399 machine down to its excellent sales price once again. 

This has been the holy grail of gaming laptop deals over the last few months, offering an i7-11800H processor, that incredible RTX 3080 GPU, 32GB RAM, a 1TB SSD, and a 300Hz refresh rate screen all for just $1,799. Those are specs worthy of the best gaming laptops on the market. For reference, we rarely see RTX 3080 laptop deals dropping below $1,900 so this offer is a must-see. 

It should be noted that $200 of that final saving comes in the form of a rebate, so you won't be getting the full discount right off the bat. However, considering the sheer value on offer here, it's worth playing the long game. We don't often see even RTX 3070 laptop deals offering these kinds of specs for $1,799. 

You'll find more information on this offer just below, with more gaming laptop deals available further down the page.


Gigabyte Aorus 15P 15.6-inch RTX 3080 gaming laptop | <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank">$2,399 $1,799 (after $200 rebate) at Newegg
Save $600 - You're saving a massive $600 here, and picking up an RTX 3080 laptop with a 300Hz refresh rate for just $1,799. That's the best price we've seen on a machine of this caliber, and a deal we haven't spotted on the shelves since last year. You're getting an i7-11800H processor under the hood, with 32GB RAM and a 1TB SSD to boot.

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