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This new Overwatch CGI short for D.Va is like Pacific Rim with bunny mechs

Overwatch has a new animated short film that expands the lore behind those characters that have been running around and shooting each other for two years now: this time the CGI camera lens turns toward Hana Song, AKA D.Va, and her drive to protect Korea against robotic invaders at any cost. This one probably won't make you sob like the tear-jerking Bastion or Mei cinematics, but it does have a pretty neat explanation of how D.Va figured out her Ultimate ability.

It's also nice to see D.Va characterized beyond her 'lol git gud' voice lines; I guess that's a competitive persona she drops when she's hanging out with close friends. Though I gotta admit… this video mostly makes me want Blizzard to add one of those flying squid Omnics with the bunny ears as a playable character. Make a genius hacker flying squirrel pilot it or something, I don't care, just gimme that Nendoroid. 

 That wasn't all Blizzard had to show for Overwatch fans at Gamescom 2018. It also revealed Busan, a new Control map that spans three stages: Sanctuary, an ancient part of the Korean city including a beautiful (and only slightly futuristic) temple; Downtown, a bustling metropolis with bright streets, sneaky side paths, and oh-so-boopable maglev train routes; and MEKA base, a high-tech headquarters for the national defense force to which D.Va belongs (including a look at her personal gaming setup). 

If you want to get in on the Overwatch excitement yourself, you can give it a try for free very soon: Overwatch is hosting a free four-day weekend across all systems starting on Thursday.

Blizzard says Busan is "coming soon," but there's plenty to do until then. The Overwatch Summer Games 2018 event is live now with all the Lucioball you can eat and will continue until August 30. Then a month or so later… Halloween Terror! I love this time of year. 

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