Overwatch players, it's gonna be pretty hard to hate Bastion after you watch this short

Bastion is one of the most-hated characters in Overwatch - or at least he was at launch, before people learned how to counter him and his annoying turret form. After watching this new animated short though, I don't think I can look at him with anything but sadness and a desire to give him hugs. Big, metal hugs.

This is the fifth animated short from Blizzard expanding on the Overwatch world. So far we've got Winston, Widowmaker, Hanzo, Soldier: 76, and now Bastion covered. That just leaves 17 characters (15 if you count Genji's appearance in "Dragons" and Tracer's appearance in "Alive") left to get their own shorts. Assuming the rate at which characters are added doesn't outpace the rate at which we get these lovely animations, of course.

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Sam Prell

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