This new No Man's Sky mod includes an important update: Pooping NPCs

No Man's Sky Beyond, the three-part expansion to No Man's Sky, isn't out until later this Summer, alongside the game's new VR mode, but one new feature promised by the update is one that current players can't wait to see for themselves. At present, the game's arrangement of alien NPCs are located in fixed positions on planets, space stations, and ships, but Beyond seeks to get them on their feet and start walking around, just to make the infinite galaxy feel a little more lifelike than before. 

It sounds like a small change, but the No Man's Sky community has grabbed this planned tweak, and gone crazy with it, with a NMS modder by the name of WinderTP beating Hello Games to the finish line and adding the feature on PC for themselves

Of course, this is the modding community we're talking about, so they didn't stop there. These are the same people that added Thomas the Tank Engine to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and created a Starbucks coffee cup for Skyrim in homage to Game of Thrones season 8's recent faux pas, after all.

The weird stuff began when the same modder WinderTP decided to make their newly mobile NPCs literally sh*t gold, or rather Coprite Crystals, whenever they fed them, in the same manner as much of No Man's Sky's cryptozoological wildlife. Then, things got violent. 

A third development of WinderTP's walking NPCs surfaced on Reddit last night, showing the AI humanoids turning scarily aggressive, running around and throwing punches at players whenever they get close enough. Of course, the NPCs can be attacked back, and killed with a few good shots of the multi-tool, but the conflict somewhat undercuts the serene, meditative ambience that No Man's Sky is famous for.

No Man's Sky Beyond is releasing in a few month's time, so it won't be long before the official walking NPCs will make their debut in the space exploration game. Even so, we can't help but wonder whether they'll punch and poo in the same way as those found in this mod, which you can download here for the PC version of the game... if you're up for a fight, that is. 

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