Modders have added a hot cup of Starbucks coffee to Skyrim following the Game of Thrones production goof

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After thousands of Tweets, posts, and pictures of the infamous coffee cup left on screen in Game of Thrones fourth episode, modders have added a similar one to Skyrim. The original photo became an instant sensation the day after the episode came out so it makes perfect sense for it to be immortalized in Bethesda's sprawling RPG.

The gag began as a request on the Skyrim Mods subreddit when a user requested a Starbucks cup be placed in Dragonsreach in honor of the Game of Thrones episode. "Skyrim modding gives the best troll mods," Reddit user DarkMaster06 wrote. "We should not stop making these kinds of mods."

Several users quickly answered his call posting multiple mods, like Skyland Coffee or the Mysterious Coffee Cup, that add various coffee cups to the game. One replaces all the tankards with disposable coffee cups, letting you move them around to recreate the fabled scene from Game of Thrones or something else of your own making. 

This isn't the first time George R.R. Martin's fable has made it into Skyrim, Game of Thrones has been a huge inspiration for modders of the Elder Scrolls adventure. There's an upcoming adaptation of the Game of Thrones story that recreates Westeros and a mod that turns you into Daenerys the Dragonborn. I'm sure we'll see more come out after the final episode airs this weekend, maybe some fans will rewrite the ending of the show to their liking.

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