This Negan victim might be returning in an upcoming Walking Dead episode

Just as we’re getting over the deaths of some of our favourite The Walking Dead season 7 characters, rumours are flying that we may see a familiar face back on the screen, after all… even if the character is no longer alive in the current day timeline.

Obviously, full spoilery spoilers ahead, so proceed with caution, and a healthy dose of skepticism.

According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, speculation is rife that Abraham Ford - who was beaten to a pulp by Negan’s and his BFF Lucille, a barbed wire-wrapped baseball, will be returning sometime in Season 7, possibly in the Season 7 finale in April. 

It’s thought a flashback or dream sequence may have something to do with Ford’s relationship with Sasha.

While Abraham wasn’t the only one who lost his life to Lucille, at present there are no rumours that Glenn Rhee - Negan’s other victim - might be returning.

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The Walking Dead returns on AMC on February 12.

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