This may be the logo from the WB Montreal Batman game, and it looks a lot like Batman Beyond

(Image credit: WB Games)

Two images have emerged online that seem to reveal the logo for the unannounced WB Montreal project which many assume to be a new Batman game. Both images depict an elevator with an unmistakable bat symbol on it, but it's not a bat symbol we can find anywhere else online. It does bear a striking resemblance to one particular Batman story though: Batman Beyond. The images were first shared by James Sigfield, games reporter for The GWW.

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No, that's not Zsasz in the second photo. It's the game director of WB Montreal, Geoff Ellenor, who, along with the WB logos on the elevator, gives credence to the story that these images really come from inside the building. 

It's hardly a confirmation, however. WB Montreal was rumored to be working on a different Batman game years ago, focused on Bruce Wayne's son Damien, so any sort of Batman Beyond angle they may have taken inspiration from would go well with a logo like that. It may no longer be the case that the Damien Wayne game is the studio's current, oft-teased project.

If this logo does reflect the current project, it's a stark departure from the Arkham chronology, which may signify that this next Batman game is a reboot, as Sigfield reported earlier this month. Allegedly, this new Batman game is meant to kick off a broader DC Games Universe, which is partly why we've heard about a Superman game coming to Xbox Series X as well.

There's still a lot to learn and one has to wonder if WB Montreal's original reveal date was pushed back after it started teasing the game last fall before several months of silence. We'll light the bat-signal when we know more.

It looks like the Batman game will also involve Court of Owls. Here's everything else we know about the game.

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