This Master Chief GPS voice pack is genuinely amazing

Halo Infinite Waze
(Image credit: Waze / Microsoft)

Thanks to a new Halo Infinite crossover from GPS app Waze, you can now let Master Chief or Banished war chief Escharum guide you around town. 

Waze announced its Halo feature set in a blog post (opens in new tab), and having never used Waze before, I was able to get the app and its new Halo options working on my phone within minutes. The app is available totally free on Android and iOS devices, and the Halo voice guides have language options for English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. You can get the Halo co-pilot content directly via this link (opens in new tab)

If you've ever used any kind of navigation app, Waze will feel familiar, but it's a bit more customizable than the likes of Google Maps, which works to its advantage here. You can choose a mood, a car icon, and voice directions. Thanks to this Halo Infinite crossover, you have your choice of Master Chief or Escharum as your mood and director, and you can even set your icon to be the classic Warthog or a Covenant Ghost. 

I haven't been able to take Waze out for a drive yet sadly, but I was able to trigger some of the new Master Chief dialogue – because of course I went with the Chief – just by pacing around my home. It's exactly what I was hoping for: the first thing the Chief said was, "In a quarter of a mile, make a U-turn. Let's go finish this fight." Whatever you say, Chief. 

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