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This latest Metroid Prime Trilogy rumour points to a Nintendo Switch release next month

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Another day, another Metroid Prime Trilogy rumour, only this one has gone as far to purport that the highly-anticipated trilogy will be available on Nintendo Switch from June 19, 2020.

According to a new listing on Swedish retailer Inet – which is still live and online at the time of writing – the game will finally release in less than a month's time and contain Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (thanks, Nintendo Insider).

(Image credit: Inet)

The prospect of a Metroid Prime Switch trilogy has been hanging around ever since Metroid Prime 4 was announced and subsequently delayed, and most recently bubbled to the surface again in November 2019. Interestingly enough – or worryingly enough, depending upon your viewpoint, I guess – the leak comes via the same Swedish retailer that kicked off these rumours in the first place, making the claim more intriguing than ever. 

But given the company said a ported version of the trilogy would be revealed at The Game Awards in December 2018 and released in February 2019, we can only take this with a generous dollop of salt for now – especially as the art assets are clearly marked as placeholders.

If Nintendo does have something new planned for Metroid, though, hopefully we'll know soon enough, particularly as we get ever-closer to the leakiest time of year for the gaming industry – E3...

While we wait to see if these latest Metroid Prime Trilogy rumours are true, here's our pick of the best Nintendo Switch games to keep you going.

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