This Kickstarter indie is a cozy life sim set aboard an airship and inspired by Studio Ghibli films

Sally Kickstarter indie screenshot
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A new indie just launched on Kickstarter has all the vibes of a Studio Ghibli film and the mechanics of all your favorite cozy games. 

Sally, a cosy life sim, has just launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and it's already racking up pledges due to how magical it looks. If you couldn't tell from the game's enchanting visuals, one of its main draws is that it seems like it would fit right into the Studio Ghibli film universe. To me, it feels like Sally's developer has taken inspiration from Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, and Castle in the Sky. 

It isn't just the game's visuals that make it feel magical, though, the slice-of-life, cozy elements of this game also make it seem like the perfect game to relax with. In Sally, players will create their character and embark on Sally - the airship - which is crewed by a group of kids and two sweet grandmas. Whilst aboard the ship, players will craft, cook, farm, build, and explore as well as help their crewmates repair the boat and find themselves in the process. 

As you can see from the trailer, it looks as though all the best parts of a life sim game are included in Sally. Players will interact with their crewmates and form relationships with them - which will later go on to determine the character's moods. They'll also get the chance to gather resources to cook comforting meals, take care of animals (including cats, deer, ducks, and even hedgehogs!), and visit far-off floating islands - we did say it felt like Castle in the Sky.

The Kickstarter campaign for Sally has only just launched but it's already - at the time of writing this - managed to gain 182 backers who have pledged £7,515 out of the project's £44,945 goal. There are still 29 days before the campaign ends so if this sounds like your kind of game, follow its developer Lucid Tales on Twitter to stay up to date.

In exchange for supporting the game on Kickstarter, Lucid Tales is offering a number of rewards including things as small as a discount on the game when it releases or as big as becoming a creator in the game and designing one of the floating islands. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a while for Sally to officially release. Right now, early access is planned for 2024 with the full game's release scheduled for 2025.

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