This is Vegas

Like the silly, but stupendously funny dance floor antics we performed at the Aqua Club, we also tried our hand at a little bar tending - where you need to serve drinks and light people’s cigarettes as they pile to the bar. Of course, you’re always going to get an unruly bunch piling in for booze so when you get trouble at the bar you do some funny stuff like set smokers’ hair on fire or grab a drunk by the head and bash his skull off the bar. It’s all insanely stupid - but somehow a whole lot of fun. The Buzz Bomb for this one is awesome, too. Once you’ve filled your Buzz Bomb bar, trigger it and a bunch of slutty girls will pile over to the bar where you then get the chance to shower their boobs in club soda! Like we said, insanely stupid, but somehow appealing to our inner man-child.

Vehicles in the game will all be tailored to the various ‘Suits’ in a deck of cards. For example: Spades are muscle cars and Diamonds are high-end sports cars. There won’t however, be things like motorbikes on offer. It’s all based around four wheels for now.

Think Ocean’s 11 fused with the screwball awareness of Anchorman, says Patmore and you’ve got an idea of the kind of vibe Surreal is going for. Naturally, by immersing yourself in everything Vegas, it goes toward harnessing kudos among the multiple factions operating in the plush casinos and swish clubs of the Vegas strip coupled with the ability to unlock a whole bunch of new locations and assets like clothes (including an ultra-saucy looking crotch-hugging leotard). Steady ladies.

Of course, this is all just the tip of the iceberg, because Surreal promises us that there’s still a whole lot more to come when they break out the game in April at Midway’s Gamers’ Day in Vegas. This is Vegas will be compared to GTA IV, but there could be a brand of humour and adventure in here even Rockstar hasn’t tapped into. The gamble could pay off.

Mar 20, 2008