This is living... room

Tuesday 5 September, 2006
Sony Europe's official PS3 page has just launched, currently with a minimum of content but promising more in the build-up to the console's launch in November.

Situated in a living room that, like PS3 itself, looks too expensive to risk leaving your value-depleting fingerprints on, the site is to feature 'The PS3 Stories', a series of short films vaguely related to PS3's capabilities.

Only two of these 'stories' are currently viewable but one contains an unexpected bonus of a blink-and-you'll-miss-it clip from shooter Resistance: Fall of Man - which is looking very nice indeed. Click here to skip straight to the footage from the battle of Manchester.

The site also drops two more hints we found interesting - including what might be the first sight of PS3's second-generation EyeToy camera, now looking disturbingly like a cross between the Death Star and the Terminator's artificial retina.

Under the Specifications menu you can also find listings for both the 20GB and 60GB PS3 models - possibly contradicting the suggestion by the head of Sony UK that only the 60GB model would be available on our shores.