This highly nostalgic Halo Infinite Easter egg pays tribute to the original Xbox

Halo Infinite campaign
(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Halo Infinite has an Easter egg that pays tribute to the original Xbox console, and it'll take you straight back to LAN parties in the early 2000s.

As seen in this video from xGarbett, the Easter egg would be almost impossible to find if you weren't actively looking for it. Tucked away in the roof of a structure in the southern part of the map is a small hole between some stone and steel, and it's there that you'll want to aim your Grappleshot and pull yourself up to. What you'll find is a small room basking in the green glow of an original Xbox console and period-accurate TV/monitor. It's a pretty bare bones setup, featuring a utilitarian crate as a desk and a few folding chairs as seats, but it looks like a suitable place to gather a few friends for some multiplayer fun.

This is just one of many Halo Infinite Easter eggs players are finding, but it's probably the most appropriate given Xbox's 20th anniversary this year. Some of the Easter eggs are a little sillier, like the one that suggests the infamous Craig is some sort of touring rock star (he always was in our hearts), or even weirder, the one that's just a giant sandwich (proof). 

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