This God of War PS1 demake Ragnaroks

Kratos runs with Atreus on his back through a valley
(Image credit: Sony / Jackarte)

A creative fan has reimagined God of War Ragnarok as a PS1 game, offering a hint of warm nostalgia as we welcome the chillier months. 

After the classic PS1 intro hits, Jackarte’s YouTube video opens with the father-son duo Kratos and Atreus sledging across a frozen lake of ice in all their low-poly glory. We also catch glimpses of Freya reassuming human form after swooping in as a blocky bird – not to be missed for fans of the Low Poly Animals Twitter – alongside Kratos and Tyr awkwardly trying to bump fists – or cubes, to be more precise. You don’t get any facial animations to convey emotion as it’s a PS1-style trailer, though it all adds to the clunky charm of the roughly minute-long video and puts some punch behind the vocal performances of each actor.

God of War initially debuted on the PS2, though the demake still hits upon some nostalgia for the console. Reimaging the latest big release as a retro console game has also become a popular tradition over the past few years. We’ve seen Elden Ring, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Halo Infinite thrown back to days gone by. Someone even took it a step further by remaking Bloodborne into a full-blown kart racing game. You can also enjoy this silly Cyberpunk 2077 demake that tries to retain the spirit of the launch by including all the bugs.

Back to the present day, God of War Ragnarok’s launch appears to be a hit so far, with critics offering up plenty of praise – just do yourself a favour and use this handy God of War Ragnarok setting tip to gain more time to solve puzzles and enjoy less time being shouted tips at.

On the fence? Check out our God of War Ragnarok review before picking this one up for yourself.

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