This Final Fantasy pen costs as much as a Nintendo Switch

Final Fantasy
(Image credit: Square Enix)

A special Final Fantasy pen has been unveiled for the series' 35th anniversary, with the one problem being that it costs $300.

No, that is not a typo. Yes, Square Enix really thought one way to celebrate one of the biggest video game franchises the world over was to roll out a pen that costs the equivalent of a Nintendo Switch. You can see the staggeringly expensive Final Fantasy pen in all its glory just below.

(Image credit: Square Enix)

The pen is apparently modeled after Final Fantasy 10's Tidus, in a way we admittedly can't discern. There's actually only 30 copies of the pen planned to be manufactured for the entire world, so if you know someone who's a huge fan of Tidus and has money to burn, you'd better tell them about this sharpish.

The fancy pen is if you were wondering manufactured by Japanese maker Glass Studio. Yes, this means the pen itself is actually made from glass, so if you've got an iron grip when you're writing, you might be better off staying away from shelling out $300 for this.

The pen is technically called a "Parco Booster" pen, and you can peruse all the finer details relating to the Final Fantasy pen over on the Parco website (opens in new tab), which is entirely in Japanese. 

This is hardly the first time Square Enix has rolled out a very expensive collector's item. Last year in April, the company announced a Final Fantasy 6 Masterline Terra statue, seen just below, which looks pretty fantastic, until you realize it's carrying a bank-breaking $13,799 price tag. 

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Never change, Square Enix. Here's hoping there's a similarly ridiculous collector's item floating around later this year in June when Final Fantasy 16 launches.

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