This Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition mod turns all NPCs into Cactuars (and ruins their table manners)

Nearly 18 months on from its original release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Final Fantasy 15 is finally coming to PC via the Windows Edition, which will launch just next month, March 6, alongside the Royale Edition of the game on console. 

In anticipation of the launch, Square Enix was at the PC Gamer Weekender on Saturday to reveal more about what PC players can expect from the port, which its developers call "almost a full remake" of the game following its console launch in 2016. You can watch the full developer Q&A below. 

So what good news did Square Enix have to share? The big stuff first. Yes, there's full mouse and keyboard support. Yes, the graphics are better, with improved textures, assets, lighting effects, hair simulation physics, and more. There's even a cool new first person camera mode that lets you explore a different perspective for Final Fantasy 15's frenetic battles. 

But most importantly of all, Square Enix has confirmed that its completely committed to supporting a "free and open a mod system as possible", and Final Fantasy 15 will arrive on PC ready for modders to get creating, and even arriving with some of the developer's own ready made mods. 

For example, as you'll see for yourself if you jump to about 6:40 in the interview, one mod allows you to reskin every single NPC in the game to look like a Cactuar; Final Fantasy's iconic personified cactus enemy. 

Yep, head into any major city in the game and you'll find hundreds of denizens wearing adorable (yet slightly creepy) Cactuar costumes. They don't look too happy about it either; I can't imagine the simple acts of eating, sleeping, or going to the bathroom can be too easy in a giant, plush outfit with no opposable thumbs... 

Beyond modding, Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition will come with all the previously released DLC for the game, and Square Enix has promised more updates to come in the future, including expansions for its unique multiplayer mode, Comrades. 

Find out more about what went on at this year's PC Gamer Weekender here.

Alex Avard

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