This exclusive Final Fantasy 7 Remake PS4 theme will only cost you 2 candy bars

(Image credit: Square Enix)

You can get Final Fantasy 7 Remake DLC and a PS4 theme in exchange for buying candy bars. That is a thing that you can do now.

Square Enix is partnering up with Ferrero USA for the chocolatey promotion. It entreats FF7 fans to purchase two Butterfingers, Baby Ruths, or Crunch bars at your retailer of choice then head to - this is legitimately the URL - to send in a picture of your receipt. Once your candy acquisition has been confirmed, you'll get your just desserts.

We don't know what the "unique DLC" for the game itself will be, though the website promises that it will be available as soon as the game comes out on April 10. Thanks to Reddit user CreepyClown (uncomfortable username temporarily forgiven) we do have a look at the dynamic PS4 theme.

[Image] FFVII's dynamic Tifa theme is beautiful. Well worth the Butterfingers! from r/PS4

The theme shows Tifa sitting on the water tower back in her home town of Nibelheim, gazing at the starry night sky. It's a beautiful recreation of one of the original game's most memorable moments, and it can grace your PS4 desktop for the low, low price of two Butterfingers. If you think about it, this is perfect complement to the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo - just swap between the two real fast and you can pretend that the demo includes the Nibelheim scenes, at least until the full game comes out.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake we know now is just the start of the endeavor - Square Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase has said he'd be perfectly happy to keep working on FF7 projects for the rest of his career. That's a lot of candy bars.

Don't have a lick of nostalgia for FF7? We sent somebody who had never played the original out to see how Final Fantasy 7 Remake stands all on its own.

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