Final Fantasy 7 remake producer Yoshinori Kitase is prepared to work on the story for the rest of his career

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Square Enix's Yoshinori Kitase wants the Final Fantasy 7 Remake story to inspire future generations of gamers, and he's ready to spend the rest of his career ensuring that it does.

In a conversation with GameSpot about the Final Fantasy 7 remake, Kitase explained his desire to continue updating Final Fantasy 7 for new generations potentially as long as two decades. 

"Final Fantasy VII is a game which, if it just stayed as the original, would just be remembered as something from the past and people wouldn't be as engaged with it. I think in order to be something that continues to be loved and followed by future generations we have to keep updating it as we're doing now. And in 10 years time, 20 years time, it may need to be done again! So even if this is the only thing that I do in the rest of my career, I won't be disappointed," Kitase said.

The Final Fantasy 7 remake, which just got a free demo, is telling a greatly-expanded version of the original story across multiple installments, which will be released separately. With any luck, the remaining chapters of the Final Fantasy 7 remake won't take 20 years to come out. In fact, Kitase says it's likely the developers will continue work on the saga without pause when part one launches. "I think we'll probably get straight into it," he remarked.

Kitase also took time to explain the decision to spread out the Final Fantasy 7 over several chapters, saying Square Enix wanted to offer more than a straightforward throwback. "But if we were just to make it a 100%, one-for-one remake of the original game ... I think people would like it but it would just be 'Oh yeah, I remember this. This was great, how nostalgic,' and that's all you get."

GamesRadar+ sent Jordan Oloman to a preview event to see if the Final Fantasy 7 remake appeals to gamers without nostalgia for the original.

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