This Diablo 4 player cheesed its deadliest mini-boss with a door frame

Diablo 4 Lilith
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Butchers are an annoying encounter in Diablo 4's dungeons, but this Reddit user managed to beat one using nothing more than wall-hacks.

"It ain't much, but it's honest work," the Reddit thread is titled, an attached video showing their character hiding just outside a dungeon and hugging the outer edge of a door frame. With The Butcher still inside the room, the player then starts swinging their weapon and slicing right through the wall, slowly chipping away at the brutish mini-boss's health while staying out of reach. The Butcher is unable to retaliate, being stuck on the opposite side of the wall with the player technically out of his line-of-sight.

It might sound like a lucky break from one of the most deadly, most annoying random bosses in the whole game, but according to the thread replies, finding ways to manipulate the game's physics and cheese your way through The Butcher is a Diablo tradition.

"I like that his AI is able to get stuck on doors/walls just like his original D1 boss fight," one Redditor says in a comment. "The only time I ever killed him back then was when I cheesed him by shooting arrows through the jail walls."

Another reply says that the best way to blast past The Butcher is to use a specific sorceress skill. "I cheesed him with Fire Wall, personally. I then cheesed the entire game with Fire Wall. The Butcher taught me much."

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