This Destiny 2 Easter egg is for everyone who noticed Saladin sounds an awful lot like Overwatch's Reaper

A fun little Destiny 2 Easter egg pays tribute everyone's favorite Overwatch edgelord. Reddit user crissyronaldo92 noticed that one of the things Lord Saladin can say to you when you get the "We Ran Out Of Medals" medal in an Iron Banner match is a direct reference to Reaper's infamously unoriginal (yet still adequately threatening) battle cry. You can skip to about 12 seconds in on this video if you want to get straight to the reference.

Saladin does an uncannily good Reaper impression. That's probably because the same voice actor, Keith Ferguson, voices both characters. Ferguson was also the voice of Bloo in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, which is a serious testament to his vocal range, but I digress. Both Destiny 2 and Overwatch are published by Activision Blizzard so it's no surprise that Bungie would show some love for its FPS peer in this way. As for the Destiny 2 secret puppy Strike intro, well… everybody loves puppies. 

The other voice lines that players have discovered for superior Iron Banner performance are less referential but help expand on Saladin's place in the world of Destiny 2. The same Reddit user also discovered this line, in which Saladin throws some shade at the Guardians' goody-two-shoes way of life. 

"I haven't met a warrior like you since the Dark Age," Saladin says. "Guardians are saints, so polite. I think The City makes them that way. It's easy to be an angel in heaven. But you understand. You're no saint." Another voice line talks about a reckoning, the day that The City may fall forever, and how Saladin and his people will need you then. Not a very cheerful guy, but at least he appreciates your talents.

If you're not satisfied with referential voice lines, don't worry, Destiny 2's Iron Banner event also has plenty of new gear for you to earn.

Connor Sheridan

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