This cursed Tears of the Kingdom cosplay brings the Korok torture to real life

korok seeds zelda tears of the kingdom
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A very clever and devoted The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom fan has done the unthinkable and brought Korok torture to the real world. 

As highlighted by Twitter user @gurt_sc, one attendee at this year's MomoCon in the US decided to cosplay as one of the least-expected characters in Tears of the Kingdom. If you've been online over the last few weeks, you're sure to have seen dozens of videos of Korok torture - which is as brutal as it is hilarious. 

Players have found countless creative, and just downright cruel, ways to reunite Koroks with their friends as well as just found fun in torturing the poor little guys. This one particular Korok torturer (I'm just assuming) decided to take the fun out to the streets and cosplay as a specific and now popular form of Korok bullying. 

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The cosplay in question sees one fan wearing a replica cross with a Korok plush tied to the front of it - using the Ultrahand glue, nice touch - along with the creature's now iconic catchphrase: "I need to reach my friend!" 

The cosplayer in question is Instagram user nomad.cosplay, who also shared a costume snap with the caption: "My neck still hurts, but at least one of my stupid cosplay ideas came to life", and we're so glad it did.  

We were not in attendance at MomoCon to see the creation in person, however, we can only imagine from the replies to the tweet that it was a very popular cosplay. As one Twitter user says: "I feel like a jackass cause I yelled 'do it yourself!' at them." The good news is that this Korok did manage to find its friend in the end - which you can see for yourself here

If you're still searching, here's how many Korok Seeds there are in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

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