Third time lucky for TimeShift?

Slowing time also has its benefits. Your actions still have an effect on your surroundings, only less so. Enemies will flail at you wildly as you move faster than their body can react to. They'll see you as a blur - especially fun when you're competing over Xbox Live. Of course, the time-shifting ability is finite - if everyone could use it all the time, there would be no game to play. But correct use in the right situation will have you laughing in delight.

We've used the Quantum Suit to see that the game will hit Xbox 360 this autumn, bar interference from our Beta Suit-wearing foe, of course. Watch this space for more TimeShift goodness in the coming months - and be sure to hit the Images tab to see the rest of the new screens to appreciate just how gorgeous the newly-rebuilt game is looking.

Justin Towell

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