These fan-made custom PS5 skins will be the best thing you'll see today

(Image credit: XboxPope)

If you spend a lot of time coveting console special editions – surely I can't be the only one?! – designer XboxPope has something to really whet your appetite.

In a series of PS5 mock-ups collated by DBLTAP, XboxPope has shown just what might be possible with the next generation of special editions and custom skins. From a gorgeous Asian-inspired Mortal Kombat skin to a simple but stunning Ghost of Tsushima console with matching controller, XboxPope is so good, they even have people exclaiming that the designs look "suspiciously official". Here, take a look for yourself:

Despite the scepticism, these aren't concepts of real products… yet, anyway. But we can hope, right?

Xbox Pope doesn't just design PS5 skins, by the way. As the username suggests, Pope also posts a number of ideas for Microsoft's console system, too, including some impressive hypothetical designs for Xbox Series X – like this gorgeous Destiny 2 one – and custom Xbox One controllers, too, the latter of which will be up for sale soon:

There's also a truly adorable mock-up for a Fall Guys-flavoured theme, too, for both PS5 and Xbox Series X - what do you think?

On the subject of Fall Guys, There's a new "spicy hot fix" Fall Guys update on its way that seeks to tackle the "five most frequent crashes", as well as improve the UI for PS4 players. The update also brings inverted X/Y controls to the PS4, as well as addressing a couple of issues with the level Jump Showdown – chiefly a rogue camera-pan and an unnamed "gameplay exploit" – and a fix that will ensure that from now on, odd-numbered finalists won't find themselves loaded into a team game that immediately puts one team at a disadvantage.

Here are all the upcoming PS5 games that we know of. 

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