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The Vampire Tarot

Since we published our SFX Vampire Special last week, it seems like vampires are everywhere. Not literally everywhere banging on our windows like in Salem's Lot, you understand, just everywhere in the media. TV, movies, books... it's an increasingly popular subgenre. And suddenly we're getting press releases like this:

"[Would] you like a unique perspective, based in mythology and psychology, that explains why vampires intrigue us, scare us, and turn us on? And besides, would you like to see a lot of great vampire art? Check out the new Vampire Tarot by Robert M Place, published by St Martin’s Press."

It seems there's a long tradition of association between vampire stories and Tarot card design. The famous Tarot designer Pamela Colman Smith and Bram Stoker were apparently firm friends. We're told Stoker had connections to the Golden Dawn magical society and it's possible he even introduced Smith to the Tarot; maybe he based characters in Dracula on Tarot trumps too.

Anyway, go see Robert M Place's new Vampire Tarot here if you're interested.