The Witcher Sirius is likely to feature procedural landscapes, job listings reveal

The Witcher 3
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The recently revealed Witcher game 'Project Sirius' could contain procedural landscapes if job listings are anything to go by. 

If you missed the news yesterday, CD Projekt Red revealed several new projects currently in development at or with help from the studio. We'll recap all of the main ones lower down in this story, but right now, we're focussing on The Witcher 'Sirius', an upcoming game in The Witcher universe developed by Massachusetts-based studio The Molasses Flood with "support" from CDPR. 

According to the details revealed by CD Projekt Red yesterday, 'Project Sirius' - also being dubbed 'The Witcher Sirius' - is currently the codename for the upcoming game, which "will differ from [CDPR's] past productions" and offer both multiplayer gameplay as well as a single-player experience.

Thanks to a series of job listings at The Molasses Flood, which we now know must be to work on 'Project Sirius', we actually get a bit more of an idea of what kind of game it's shaping up to be. 

According to the senior level designer job description, it looks like Sirius might have "procedurally-generated environments." The lead level designer job also features similar phrasing in its description including: "Hand-crafted and procedural level generation." The Witcher Sirius is still in the early stages of development so there isn't much else to go on right now.

What we do know, though, is all the other projects CDPR has had up its sleeve. Also revealed alongside the news about Project Sirius yesterday was the announcement of a Cyberpunk 2077 sequel currently codenamed 'Project Orion', as well as another Witcher game called 'Project Canis Majoris', and finally, the fact that The Witcher 4 is the start of a "new AAA RPG trilogy".

There were a few other minor announcements made during yesterday's presentation, catch up with everything announced at the CD Projekt Red investor call.

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