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The Witcher gets upgraded

CD Projekt's well-received PC RPG The Witcher is set to benefit from in-house created content, the developer revealed.

"...we are releasing [our] first official adventure with patch 1.3. You'll be able to play totally new quests placed before [the] story of the game," Mateusz Kanik, team lead on D'Jinni, has toldThe Witcher Vault.

This will be the first of a number of official adventures released by CD Projekt, going by what Kanik says in the interview. D'Jinni, in case you were wondering, is a toolkit that will allow users to create their own content for The Witcher.

"We want to support our modding community as much as possible so we will be releasing our modules too. We also will try to show some hints, tutorials and so on," Kanik added.

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Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 31, 2008