The Witcher 3 Switch rumours gain momentum as Geralt actor Doug Cockle weighs in

Last week, leaked product listings surfaced online of a Witcher 3 port for Nintendo Switch, suggesting that CD Projekt Red's lauded RPG of 2015 was about to be announced for the handheld console at E3 2019. CD Projekt Red has refrained from saying anything, though we do know it'll be attending the expo next week with more news of Cyberpunk 2077, but the man who plays Geralt of Rivia himself has decided to offer his own comments on the goss. 

In a tweet addressing the rumours (seen below), Cockle asks "Who else wants to see this...." followed by the wink face emoji that suggests he knows more than he's letting on. It's easy to take this as confirmation of The Witcher 3 Switch port leak, but it's unclear whether Cockle is even clued in to CD Projekt Red's plans for the RPG at this point, as he may just genuinely be adding his own support for the idea. 

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It's difficult to imagine a game as large and resplendent as The Witcher 3 running on Nintendo's little handheld-home console hybrid, but the company did recently suggest that titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 were perfectly capable of operating on its hardware, so perhaps been we've underestimating its horsepower this entire time.

If The Witcher 3 does end up being announced as an E3 2019 game, hopefully we can expect to see it bundled with both of its major expansions alongside all the previously released DLC up till now, and we may even get some special Ninty-themed cosmetics in the same vein as the Skyrim Nintendo Switch edition. I, for one, would love to see Geralt of Rivia dressed up in Mario overalls. 

The E3 2019 schedule kicks off later this week, so stay tuned on GamesRadar+ for any potential Witcher 3 news and more. And don't worry. We'll be keeping a keen eye on Doug Cockle's Twitter account for any more potential teases... 

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