The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln wants an ending full of kung fu and "CORRRAL"

How will The Walking Dead end? It's a natural question as the series reaches the conclusion of its (somewhat uneven) seventh season, and one that doesn't have any clear answer yet. Unless you're asking for the personal preference of Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln, that is. Lincoln came up with a very thorough answer for one fan who posed the question at a PaleyFest panel, via

Before we get started, this definitely isn't going to happen. So don't worry about spoilers, unless you're thinking about traveling to an alternate dimension where The Walking Dead has way more kung fu action. That's the only way you're going to see this on TV.

"I'm gonna say this now, this is how I want Rick to die," Lincoln began. "So, we're going through a desert somewhere and I jump off the bus [...] In a very heroic act, Rick jumps off, 'Cororororal.' He's still alive. Maybe it's the last thing I say."

Ok, Rick leaps from the bus, shout-slurring his son's name (yes, Lincoln is definitely in on that joke) and doing his best Bruce Lee impression on a gaggle of rotters. Go on.

"I jump off and I'm like kung-fu kicking, earn my action figure, halfway through I get bit... Ow! Doesn't matter, keep going!" Lincoln said. "Anyway, I deal with that, and I'm dying on my own. Just waiting to die. I wait and I patch up and a day passes.

"I patch myself up, I don't die. The final shot is, 'Holy shit! Maybe I'm the cure!' High shot, the whole thing... High shot, herd of zombies coming: Rick gets up, follows the tracks to go see 'Coral,' walking, the herd comes towards him, and they separate. He walks through. Boom!"

Man, if only they'd realized that back in season one! Could've synthesized a vaccine at the non-blown-up Centers for Disease Control, or at least sent Rick out to do all the supply runs. Ah well, would've made for much less interesting television.

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