The Walking Dead season 7's mid-season finale could've been a lot grosser, says someone who died

Alright, before you read even a single word: spoilers. Spoilers ahead.

The Walking Dead season 7 has absolutely gone for the throat in terms of depicting the brutal violence of the zombie apocalypse, whether it's Glenn getting his head bashed in or Spencer spilling his guts to Negan. But when it came time for Fat Joey's death during the mid-season finale, the show handled it in a surprisingly restrained way. Joshua Hoover, who plays (well, now it's "played" I guess) Fat Joey, told it could've been a lot more gruesome.

"I took a hit on the head from Mr. Norman Reedus, and it was a good hit. Norman Reedus has swung a metal pipe before in his life I think," Hoover said. "Yeah I got hit right square in the head. There was the special effects that they do with the blood packet. They had a blood packet on the pipe and it just went everywhere."

"Everybody said it looked so awesome, but also pretty graphic. So I’m assuming that’s why they didn’t show that angle, they probably had a little too much already with Spencer’s guts. But, yeah, there was definitely another shot, and I’d like to see that footage."

Speak for yourself, Fat Joey. Some of us barely managed to hold down our lunches watching Spencer get his.

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