The Walking Dead season 7 promo - "it's the beginning of the resistance" says Andrew Lincoln

Tired of seeing Rick and the group get pushed around by Negan and his Saviors? The midseason premiere of The Walking Dead season 7 sounds like it'll be just what the doctor ordered. A new promo featuring some of the main cast and crew has been released, and everyone's teasing the same thing: this is when things get hairy.

"They weren't ready, they weren't in a place where they could fight, they are now." - showrunner Scott Gimple.

"We're rebuilding, and we're together again. Or at least it's the beginning of the resistance." - Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimes.

"In the second half of season 7, there's a storm coming." - Lennie James, aka Morgan.

And my personal favorite: "What we're building toward the end of [season] 7 is Rick trying to re-emerge and find himself again, and Negan is still there with a big smile on his face, waiting. We're getting to the breaking point." - Jeffrey Dean Morgan, aka Negan.

The Walking Dead season 7 returns on February 12. And if what everyone's saying is more than just teases, it sounds like it'll be quite the show.

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Images: AMC

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