The Twisted Metal reboot designs that got scrapped

David Jaffe’s Twisted Metal reboot looks raw, dirty, and kind of awesome. But it didn’t start out that way on the drawing board. The latest issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine dives deep into the upcoming car-on-car combat exclusive for the PS3, revealing the original designs that wound up getting scrapped.

Speaking to PTOM, Twisted Metal producer Scott Campbell explains the reasoning behind the change. “We started with a very sleek, sexy, stylish universe that nobody would look at and think, ‘that’s the new Twisted Metal,’ said Campbell. “More likely, they’d think it was Midnight Club or something. It was a cool style, but it wasn’t really sitting well with us. There was a lot of pressure on Dave and I to give the game more international appeal and so we came up with an art style that would cross the different territories. We also wanted to take a big jump, like we did with Twisted Metal: Black on PS2,” continues Campbell.

Above: The original character art for Sweet Tooth (left). The revamped Sweet Tooth as seen in the latest Twisted Metal commercial (right)

You’ll find all that and more in the November issue of PTOM. The giant 10-page feature on the Twisted Metal reboot is packed with behind-the-scenes details from David Jaffe, as well as a close look at the game’s multiplayer modes and singleplayer campaign.

Above: If the November cover for PTOM looks even better than usual, it’s because the magazine has gone through a major redesign for your page-flipping pleasure

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