Twisted Metal Japan

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Think the new Twisted Metal cars look pretty crazy? They’ve got nothing these ridiculous bosozoku-style cars and dekotora trucks that might be better off in a videogame.

Bosozoku-style Cars

The Japanese term ‘bosozoku’ usually refers to motorcycle clubs or gangs who tend to ride bikes with over-the-top customizations and loud decorations. The bike gang from the anime Akira is a recognizable example of the bosozoku subculture.

However, in this case, we’re looking at bosozoku-style cars, four-wheel rides loaded up with modifications that share a common aesthetic with bosozoku bikes. As with bosozoku bikes, loud paintjobs, impossibly long exhaust pipes, and a complete disregard for utility are key. Check out some of these cool images of bosozoku-style cars.

Above: The Kaneda’s bike gang from Akira could be considered bosozoku

Above: Love the hardcore Hello Kitty fan service

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