The Top 7... stupid plans for world conquest

The plan: Thanks to MW2’spioneeringly incomprehensible writing, the best we can give you is an assumed approximation, but our suspicion is that General Shepard worked with (or manipulated) Russian terrorists to incite World War III and usher in a brave new world order of American patriotism.

The problem: Okay, so America’s worldwide public image isn’t too great right now. And we understand that that hurts. And we also understand that rallying to a collective cause can unite a country like nothing else (hey, it worked for that Hitler guy). But a full-scale global war? Initiated against a long-held rival in the nuclear arms race?

Had Shepard’s plan not been stopped (we assume it was) by Price and Soap, there would have been only one outcome. Crispy dead everyone.

But you know, as long as everyone was patriotically crispy and dead, right?

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