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Modern Warfare Remastered comparison shots show it's been remade from the ground up

So Modern Warfare: Remastered is very much on the way, bundled exclusively with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's special edition but how does it look? Well the good news is that devs Raven - with Infinity Ward keeping an eye on things - has given the original far more than just a lick of HD paint. 

The images below were handily collected by cantsaymynamehere on Reddit from Infinity Ward's livestream of Infinite Warfare. There's not just a couple of new bullet holes and textures added here and there but a complete overhaul of lighting and design. Take a flick through and try not to be too sad about what you thought were the visuals of the future back in 2007. 

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Louise Blain
GR+ news lead Louise can often be found watching horror, drinking coffee and beating you at The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth.