The Top 7... series run into the ground

Spy Hunter

This series had been dead. For years. A hugely popular classic arcade game, it hit just about every console and PC available in the '80s. The concept was straightforward: a car with guns on it. Get from point A to point B. Shoot things. Simple.

We were pleasantly surprised when the series reappeared in 2001 on the Xbox and PS2 with the same basic concept. No filler: just drive from point A to point B while shooting the crap out of anything that moves. The car transforms or something, but that's basically it. Everybody liked it.

Somehow, two years later, it didn't make sense anymore. Spy Hunter 2 was mediocre. And last year's Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run was worse. Three games, three developers... and by the end of a generation, a series that had surprised us by rolling out of the scrapyard crashed right back into it.

Anybody excited for the movie starring The Rock?