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The Top 7... Games you don't want for Christmas

Bubble Bobble Double Shot is the antithesis of all the great retro-friendly remakes we saw this year. Instead of sending you swimming in nostalgic NES-related memories, Double Shot kicks you in the groin and makes you remember the worst of the 8-bit era.

The difficulty feels cheap instead of challenging, the levels are uninspired and repetitive, and without any ability to save your progress, you’re forced to start over on the first level every time you die or need to take a break.

Games based on movies are almost always awful. But because of its ridiculously short length, clumsy combat system and fugly graphics, Jumper: Griffin’s Story wins our award for the worst movie-based game of the year. It’s so terrible, that we can almost admire how Jumper manages to succeed at sucking so hard. Almost.