The terrifying future according to Homefront

Three years from today, North and South Korea will unite. Five years later, the new country will conquer Japan. And finally, in 2024 - after taking control of most of the world - Korea will declare war on the United States. That is our future... at least according to THQ's apocalytpic war shooter, Homefront.

After not hearing anything about the gamefor nearly a year, today brings a new trailer and one of the scariest pieces of swag we've ever received. If the story - written by John Milius, who did the screenplays for Red Dawn and Apocalypse Now - can live up to these promotional materials, this is a game we definitely want to see more of at E3. First, the trailer:

And here is a propaganda brochure we received in the mail this week. Are you ready for Your Glorious Occupation and the Fruits of Happiness? Better brush up on your Korean!

Jun 11, 2010

Charlie Barratt
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