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The Suffering: Ties That Bind review

Less scare, more shock


  • Plot is well delivered
  • Filling up your Insanity Meter
  • Wonderfully horrific monsters


  • The game lacks genuine scares
  • Essentially the same as the first game
  • Picking up useless notes and memos

The original The Suffering was a decent enough action-horror-shooter combo set in a maximum security prison populated with all manner of suitably gruesome creatures that attempted to tear Torque’s limbs off at every turn. That is, when Torque wasn’t morphing into a equally gruesome creature himself, and inflicting similar carnage. Ties That Bind kicks off where the first game ended and there’s no prizes for guessing that what’s served up is essentially more of the same.

More Info

DescriptionIt may be a little short in the scare department, but as far as survival horror games go, you could do a lot worse than this solid sequel.
PlatformPC, Xbox, PS2
US censor ratingMature
Release date26 September 2005 (US), 26 September 2005 (UK)