The strongest villain in Destiny 2 is now Trevor the killer zamboni

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The new Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected Exotic quest is fantastic. It's every bit as exciting and memorable as the Whisper of the Worm quest, and it comes with a kickass gun. That said, it's head and shoulders above the Whisper quest in one unlikely category: the Outbreak Perfected mission, Zero Hour, is infinitely more terrifying, and it's all thanks to a robot named Trevor.

Trevor, or TR3-VR, is… actually, I don't know what Trevor is supposed to be. Some kind of janitorial 'bot, maybe? You meet him in the maze portion of Zero Hour, so I assume he's there for a reason. But because Destiny has a history of putting killer zambonis in endgame content, that's what I'm going to call him. I can tell you what he does: scare the everlasting bejesus out of you when you're trying to run the maze. I managed to record my first proper encounter with Trevor, and it about sums it up: 

Three things here. One, note that I just freakin' fly into this safe room because I want to get away from whatever the hell is behind me (I don't know at this point). Two, when I do see what's behind me - a hellish maw of metal teeth that look like the legs of a centipede crossed with a combine harvester - I shoot it out of sheer instinct and fear. Of course, Trevor is unphased. He's unstoppable. Three, I can only watch in horror as Trevor withdraws to go after my friend, like one of the stranded kids in Jaws 2.  

This has got to be the scariest Destiny has ever been. An eerie red glow creeps around the corner as the sound of gnashing metal grows louder and louder in your ears. You book it in the opposite direction, but an electric barrier blocks your escape until the gnashing is so loud that it's practically a roar. You finally break through the barrier as the source of the noise rounds the corner behind you, but oh god it's too late Trevor has come to reap your soul. What is this horror show doing in Destiny 2? I don't know, but I love it - and clearly, so does Bungie

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Nothing in the latest Destiny 2 patch notes will save you from Trevor, but there is some cool stuff in there.  

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