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The Story Behind Toy Story 3

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8. To Infinity And… Ah, You Know The Rest.

So now all that’s left to do is wait for the thing to arrive.

Pixar has been busy teasing us all with short promos and now the full trailer, which premiered in US cinemas attached to a double bill of the first two films.

With the studio seemingly firmly back in control of its destiny – and its output – it appears unlikely that we’ll be watching Toy Story 4.

At least, not yet. Though for a company that used to be dedicated to avoiding having to pump out sequels, Pixar’s attitude has been shifting more recently, with announcements about development on a Monsters, Inc follow-up spearheaded by Pete Docter and endless rumours that The Incredibles may one day seen a new adventure.

Most importantly, however, it feels like the team will only consider new films if they’ve got a solid story behind them, which is a refreshing continuation of the ethos that has served them well all these years.

After all, 10 box office hits in a row is not a record to be sniffed at. And Toy Story 3 looks to have the makings of another winner…

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