The Story Behind Inglourious Basterds

Chapter Nine: We Got Us Some Real Promotion

Shooting coincided with the release of more imagery from the film, including posters used within the movie, pics of the other Basterds characters and, finally one of several actual posters for the film itself (below).

At long last, QT’s fevered war dream was becoming a reality…


Chapter 10: The Trailer Park Boys

Pics are never quite enough to satisfy the appetite – what people are looking for are the trailers.

Fortunately, with shooting going swiftly and Tarantino deep into editing, the first trailer arrived in February 2009.

Aside from brief peeks here and there, this was the first proper look at Pitt and co in the film.

Also arriving quickly – thanks to Tarantino agreeing to mentor the American Idol singers – was another footage snippet that showed more of the soldiers at work, including a glimpse at Mike Myers (see below).

Now, the waiting really begins…


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