The Sims Medieval Basics: Traits, Flaws, Tips, and Cheats

Fatal Flaws

As it is with any thirst, failure to quench will result in bad things. Sims with this flaw that are left unattended will get into fights over almost anything, and keeping your Sim from fighting will actually hurt their focus. This is a great flaw to give to Knights, as they live for battle anyway.

Compulsive Gambler

Above - Dammit! I will so send you to the stocks if you roll another seven

Sims with this flaw need to gamble fairly often or suffer a loss of focus. On the upside, they are able to place larger bets at the game table.

Definitely not a choice for Knights, Spies, or Monarchs. Sims with this flaw often flee from battle, and will even suffer a loss of focus if they step outside after sunset or are completely alone. This flaw is manageable if given to a Sim who won’t be fighting or adventuring.

Sims with this flaw don’t need to do physical harm to others, only emotional. Being mean to other Sims will prevent you from losing focus. Obviously this makes friendship tricky, so you’ll need to keep track of who you’ve done wrong around the kingdom.

If the name weren’t enough to turn you off, then listen to us: avoid this flaw. Sims with it may or may not wake up with the negative “Cursed” buff (uncontrollably random), which drains your focus and lowers your chance of success during certain activities.


Above: Come on, gimme that sweet sweet nectar!

Sims with this flaw will suffer a loss of focus when off the sauce. Make sure to keep a barrel of wine or beer around your domicile. Drinking in moderation can actually give you a small focus boost, but don’t partake too generously - drinking too much can kill your focus immediately or when you wake up hungover.

If you’re interested in leveling up, do not choose this flaw. It lowers the amount of XP you get during experience-based activities. On the upside, you won’t suffer any explicit focus debuffs with this flaw.

This flaw can be extremely annoying as it makes your hunger meter drop at a faster rate than normal. However, when coupled with the Creative Cook trait, it can work to your benefit. Sims with that trait are more likely to make quality food, so eating often will provide you with focus buffs all day long.

Hubris forces the “Blinded By Hubris” focus debuff on your Sim when they accomplish positive tasks like winning swordfights or gathering herbs and flowers. Definitely one of the harder flaws to manage, so you should probably just avoid it all together.

This flaw hampers your social skills and increases your odds of being rejected during conversations. Your Sim will also take a focus hit if he/she does not speak to anyone for a full day, but such a thing is very easy to avoid.

This flaw can actually prevent your Sim from using their bed at all if the “Can’t Sleep” debuff is active. There is also a chance of passing out during the day, which further increases if your energy is low.


Above: “My hand is clipping through your robes m’lord!” “Oh fair maiden, just wait until tonight...”

Sims with this flaw will suffer a loss of focus if they go long without at least kissing someone else. There are two ways to deal with this - get to know (wink wink) a lot of other Sims, or simply get married. Overall it’s a fairly manageable flaw.

A very difficult flaw to manage. Sims afflicted with this suffer a loss of focus whenever interacting with other Sims. This means you’ll have to compensate for the lowered focus whenever you’re on a quest that requires you to speak to someone else.

These Sims are generally depressed all the time. As a result, things that would normally increase a Sim’s focus benefit Morose Sims less frequently. There is also a chance that your Sim will wake up with a debuff that will last most of the day.

Sims with this trait get injured very easily, and as such they should avoid things like sword fighting, hunting, or Kingball. Fortunately, there are many professions that never partake in any of those activities, rendering this flaw null.

Generally manageable, as there are no debuffs associated with this flaw. Uncouth Sims will have difficulty when a quest requires smooth talking. They also suck at Kingball.

Weak Constitution

The biggest issue with Weak Constitution is the lack of stamina during Swordfights. Sims with this flaw will also have a hard time recovering from illness, and may vomit after drinking or eating. You’re better off giving this flaw to a less adventurous Sim.

April 8, 2011