The School for Good and Evil: Here's your first look at Paul Feig's fantasy Netflix adaptation

The School of Good and Evil
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As part of Netflix's GEEKED Week, we've received a wealth of exciting new updates on all of our favorites shows. The Umbrella Academy season 3 and Stranger Things season 4 are but two of the streamer's most eagerly-awaited genre offerings that we have new updates on. And while that's all dandy, it's always a pleasure to hear about Netflix's other offerings, like The School of Good and Evil.

This latest teen adaptation for Netflix is based on the novels by Soman Chainani, a fantasy series set at a school which takes regular kids and trains them to become fairytale heroes and villains. Paul Feig directs the movie which revolves around two best friends who enroll at the school only to find their ambitions thwarted. Sophie (Sophia Anne Caruso) a wannabe princess, gets dumped at the School for Evil school, and Agatha (Sofia Wylie) who wants to be bad, is placed at the School for Good. Ah, that ole chestnut.

A new teaser reveals three of their soon-to-be classmates, a trio of witches Anadil, Dot, and Gester, played respectively by Demi Isaac Oviawe, Kaitlyn Akinpelumi, and Freya Theodora Parks. You can check out the first glimpse of them in action at the end of the clip, where the actors meet author Chainani for the first time:

This teen coven joins a thoroughly star-studded cast bringing this fantastical yarn to life. Charlize Theron plays Lady Lesso, Kerry Washington is Professor Dovey, Laurence Fishburne is the Schoolmaster, and Michelle Yeoh plays Professor Anemone. 

Netflix revealed the first look at two of its school teachers via Twitter, a few months back, giving us some serious Witches of Eastwick meets Harry Potter vibes:

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Currently The School of Good and Evil is filming in Northern Ireland. Bearing in mind the calibre of talent involved – and should Netflix decide –  further entries in the franchise aren't out of the question. Chainani's book series wrapped up last year, yet that leaves another four novels ripe for adaptation if The School for Good and Evil proves to be a big hit for the streaming giant. 

As it stands now, the movie is scheduled to arrive on Netflix sometime in 2022. In the meantime, check our picks of the best Netflix movies to stream now. 

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