The ring is your weapon

Top rope eye rub
Turns out the ropes at the edge of the ring come in handy for all kinds of stuff. Not only can you bounce your opponent off them as a setup for a clothesline, or choke him or her against the bottom rope, but you can also use it for hot facial friction-burn action. Just grapple your opponent, drag him over to the edge of the ring, place his forehead gently against the top rope and use the right stick to mercilessly scrape his eyes against the rubber-coated cable. Just make sure to switch up the tempo a little, or he'll break free and smack you with a reversal.

Above: Yeah, you like that? Friction is your friend

Ladder sandwich
Ladder matches - in which wrestlers have to set up a ladder in the middle of the ring, climb to the top and grab a dangling belt without being knocked down - are always fun to watch, and 2007 makes them even more so by introducing all kinds of new ways to use the ladders. You can prop them against the turnbuckles and slam your opponent against them, or wedge them horizontally between the ropes and smash his face into them.

But the most humiliating move we've seen so far lets you set the ladder down, open it and dump the other guy onto the rungs. Then you'll take hold of the trusty right stick and jab it up and down to lift the other side of the ladder and slam it down repeatedly. Can you close it completely? Probably not, but imagine all the fun you'll have trying.

Barricade Lift & Drop
Here's a creative one. 2007 encourages players to mix it up as close to the crowd as possible, and while this isn't as friendly as wading into the stands or holding up an audience member's sign, it's a guaranteed crowd-pleaser nonetheless.

Once you're out of the ring, grab your opponent and drag him over to the barrier between the audience and the ring. Say hello to the nice people, opponent! Now, lift him high above your head and move the right stick down to repeatedly drop him, forehead-first, onto the top of the barrier. Doing it for too long will tire you out, but it's good, brutal fun while it lasts.