The ring is your weapon

Arm wrench
As any wrestling fan knows, matches are almost always more fun to watch when the wrestlers leave the ring. That's partly because of moves like the arm wrench; it's not one of the prettier maneuvers, but it still hurts, and that's what matters.

Once you've grappled your opponent outside the ring, drag him over to the ring post and slam him against it shoulder-first. You'll then be able to take hold of his arm and - by moving the right stick from left to right - swing it repeatedly into the pole. As with all of these moves, you'll be able to pause in between blows to deliver a taunt or two, which drives the crowd wild.

Above: Somehow, we think this would hurt more if Shelton Benjamin was swinging Johnny Nitro's arm the other way

Leg wrench
This one's a little like the arm wrench, but happens after your opponent gets knocked down in the ring. Once he's hit the canvas, quickly grab the other guy's feet and drag him over to the turnbuckle. Once he's reached the edge, you'll be able to hop out of the ring, grab a leg and slam it against the post by moving the right stick from side to side. Do this hard enough, and he'll be even more uncomfortable the next time you get him in a figure-four leg lock or a Boston crab.

Groin thrust
In a game where toned, sweaty, half-naked men and women aggressively try to pin each other to the floor, a name like this conjures images guaranteed to raise eyebrows across Middle America. Sadly, this one isn't sexy in the least. It just hurts. A lot.

If you're in the same weight class as your opponent, you won't just slam his legs around when you knock him down and drag him to the corner. Instead of grabbing one leg, you'll automatically grab both. Now, slam the right stick down as hard as you can! You'll yank him crotch-first into the turnbuckle, dealing massive damage and earning him all sorts of horrified stares in the locker room later on.